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back on the drug and in rehab [Jan. 10th, 2006|09:26 pm]
a new improved version of me
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[today I'm into |From Autumn to Ashes - Autumns Monologue]

Hey people, im back on live journal, i needed something to put all my thoughts into, although i doubt anyone will read it because now there's myspace, I made one anyway, right now ur being informed about it on myspace, so yea.

Anyways back to todays happenings, I played football in team sports, and i made a touchdown and i caught an awsome pass, and it made me feel like i ruled, which i already do lol. Other than that just another boring day at school with a sad face.

how could love be so cruel?

I think love is like a drug, you take it and u become addicted to it, but when it's taken away, you go crazy, and you feel sick and like no one loves you, your own stomach acid finds a way to make you feel sick. I'm in rehab right now.

I got a new guitar, its light blue and its a Squier, i also got a 15w fender amp. I learned how to play breaking the girl and road trippin'.

That's about it for now, oh and by the way, whatever friends read this, need to get out more often, and invite me when they do.

peace frogs